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We provide full service vending to businesses, recreational facilities, hospitals and plants.

Choose from a selection of hot, cold, and snack vending machines to satisfy most tastes and preferences. Our machines are ergonomically designed to occupy the smallest spaces. Voco provides vending machine service and vending installations to all types of businesses and institutions.

Combo Machines

AB 40-395 combo

This 40 selection merchandiser is a proven system for dispensing a wide variety of snacks, candy, beverages, and dairy products. Features a movable barrier tray that allows changeable temperatures zones based on need.


AB 27-182 combo

A small but versatile cold combo machine that vends it all from one machine. This glass front vending machine vends cold foods, dairy products, beverages and more!

Single Purpose Machines

AB 40-240 drink

A dedicated cold vending machine for all types of drinks. Features 40 slots in a reliable cold vending machine


AB 32/474 Snack

Its size and a healthy 32 selections give you excellent variety of products to accommodate the larger vending locations such as those with over 150 staff. It is equipped with the latest in electronic controls, money back vend sensing technology and 6 fully adjustable shelves.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

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